2019 Gold Finch

Gold finch loves sunflowers, but I ran out of time planting them this year. I did put down a few seeds, but due to the many weeks of rain, nothing sprouted.

However, there are few gold finches visiting my coneflowers. I am not sure what are they feeding on, but I am thrilled seeing them.

Gold finches are very skittish! One little noise can send them away, unless there are the brave ones like this lady finch. She stays so I can take a few photos. Nature made me happy!

One Two Three

This is the time of year when skippers are chasing each other around! What a great year for them, as my sedum flowers grew a hundred times bigger than the year before!

The Fabulous Duo

This fabulous pair: a flower and a butterfly is such a pleasant thing to see in the late morning when I walked out to the garden.

The cool weather is here, and these wild purple aster flowers are in full bloom. They attract skippers, bees and butterflies like magnet.

Don't you think this is beautiful? To see something this amazing, all I can do is to take it in fully and allow it to give me a tranquil feeling to settle all the madness inside.

I love this aster! Do you see the curling petals? Nothing is more beautiful than to see this nature!

Have a great weekend!

Life Happens

Pink Coneflower
Once upon a time, I love writing and I love blogging. And then I grew up and life keeps happening. Photography brings very little joy to my day.

If you happen to visit my blog today, you might experienced some hiccups; because out of the blue, I felt the need to change the template! I am pleased so far with it; but it is still a work in progress.

Pink Coneflower
Well, this is a test post to see how everything works out on the new template. I hope all of my blogging friends stay inspired, healthy, and a happy life.

Goldfinch On Sunflowers

I grew a row of sunflowers in the back wall of my dwelling, and my intention was to attract goldfinches to the neighborhood. They came, ate, and calling for others to come. I miss seeing my backyard birds since I can't put up feeders.

Like clockwork, the Goldfinch came. Sometimes, there are many of them feeding on different sunflowers. They have lots of choices to hop from one flower to the next.

Usually, they would wait for the sunflower seeds to mature, but this year, they smarted-up and have eaten the young seeds instead.

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