The Amazing Kindness of Human During Hard Time

Since the lockdown in March, we rarely go out, except to buy food, and have not getting together with family and friends either.

I was hoping to sail through this period of time without any problems, but my house decided to add spice to it. First, the toilet flush won't stop running! We, my son and I, tried everything, so the easy fixing was to shut off the water supply. Done! Will ride through this for now, so I thought.

However, the humidifier started leaking like rain. I didn't want anyone to come inside the house, but I had no choice in calling someone. My son, worried about my health with stranger in the house, took this upon himself, did some searches on YouTube, and found out how to fix it. He did, it lasted for two weeks.

Then this past Sunday night, the valve just spurred out water at 2:00 am. My son tried again to fix it, and he found two holes in the pipe! Nothing we could do in the dead of night, nor have any tools, any skills in taking care of this problem. Again, shutting down the water system was our only choice.

Therefore we had no water running through the house, and forced me to employ outside help! By the next morning, I found a heating/cooling guy and a plumber to come out. I just wanted these problem to be fixed once and for all.

The heating/cooling person welded the two holes on the pipe, installed new valve and discovered the humidifier was corroded inside which has to be replaced later when he can find the part. He also fixed the leaking from my refrigerator water dispenser, and charged me very little for the work, whereas any other would have cost me an arm and a leg!

Then the plumber came out, and replaced the flushing system inside my toilet tank with a new one for FREE. He caught me in a petrifying stage since I have never not paying for services! I was in total shock. 

It led me to believe in the kindness, amazing, and wonderful human beings are still out there during this hard time. To those in this category, my deepest appreciation, and sincere thanks. May the blessings pour down on you and your family.


Christine May 19, 2020 9:58 am  

So wonderful about that kind plumber!

Self Sagacity May 20, 2020 1:16 am  

Lots of things happened to the house. I am so glad you had Joey there and also the kind people that God had sent you. Good job getting the things back to normal.

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