Beautiful Purple Cornflower

I am watching the flowers in my garden getting ready to hibernate for the winter. The cornflowers are still trying to stay strong and beautiful. The butterflies and bees are no longer around.

After two days of strong wind and rain, my beautiful purple cornflower takes its toll and couldn't withstand the beating. It is that time of the year, but I know they will come back, and I have plenty pictures of them to look at.


Gorgeous Mushroom

Temperature drops, cooler, wetter and more gray in color than anything else in my world now. In my flower pot on the deck, I saw this gorgeous mushroom. It still is in perfect condition and has such pretty disposition.

I love seeing things like this. Nature lives and gives us so many wonderful amazing things to see. This fungi only last a day or so before it goes back to the dirt.


White Butterfly

Just the last few shots from the summer, when all the flowers seemed to grow smaller, and fighting to survive in the colder temperature. This cabbage white butterfly usually was the first one to show up, and often the last one to leave before winter arrives.

There are lot of clean up to do outside before the snow come, so I get to see this pretty butterfly eating and resting. They seem to slow down a lot, and mostly stay in the sun to keep warm.


The Glorious End Of Summer

This wild aster flowers are in full bloom and at their best in the colder climate. Bumble bees love them! They feast on the nectar and pollen before summer goes away. If you spend enough time observing them, you will find it so fascinating to study their behaviors.

Wild flowers are gorgeous flowers, live freely in nature, and self-care. They need no human intervention or bother with meticulous cultivation. They self-seeds themselves year after year to bring beauty into the world.

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