Little Black Bee On Pincushion

Monday, July 25, 2016

Nothing much going on around my corner of the world, as my flowers  seemed to stop blooming. These pincushions are perennial, but I think the blooming period has come to a halt.

We also had a heat wave and a rain storm, so weather has beaten them up very good.  I also believe that growing them in container isn't helping either, and plant on transferring them in the ground when the temperature isn't scorching hot to work in the garden.

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  1. I heard yesterday on the news that there's just 8 weeks left of summer, sigh

  2. Maybe not many flowers left, but at least you got these great pictures. All of the nice wildflowers not here are what I miss about my area now.

  3. Oh I have missed out your beautiful flowers.
    Have a nice day.


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