Little Black Bee On Pincushion

Nothing much going on around my corner of the world, as my flowers  seemed to stop blooming. These pincushions are perennial, but I think the blooming period has come to a halt.

We also had a heat wave and a rain storm, so weather has beaten them up very good.  I also believe that growing them in container isn't helping either, and plant on transferring them in the ground when the temperature isn't scorching hot to work in the garden.

Happy Monday! Registered & Protected

Skipper On Tickseed

When skipper comes to visit, and if I can see it; it is a good day! This summer I am very lucky to see this beautiful wings once in a while, especially in a complex with very few trees and plants.

Skipper On Lavender

My skipper came back and this time it visited my lavender pot! I almost didn't see it until it jumped around from one flower to the next. I don't know if this is the same skipper that were on my tickseed flowers or on my pincushion.

I wanted to think that it is the same skipper :) I am still amazed that there is plenty of different critters around this condo complex! Registered & Protected

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