Baby Robins FLed

Monday, May 30, 2016

The baby robins have now left the nest. I saw this one in the backyard grass! They have fled the front yard all around the condo and ended up by my deck. Mama and papa bird were calling, but this baby was so little and barely move.

So far around the condo complex, we saw two nests. American robins are plenty in this area. Their noises, their calling, and their fighting begin really early in the morning until late in the evening.. Registered & Protected



  1. That's a beautiful sight. I have only ever seen baby birds once myself.

  2. Mama and papa are always noisy though I tell them that I shall not hurt their kids.
    They never listen.
    They are a tailor-bird family.

  3. Really nice photos! That baby is so darn cute!


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