Pretty California Juncos

Thursday, April 07, 2016

I have called these birds the California Juncos! They are the prettiest juncos I have ever seen, as Michigan Juncos are very different looking with just gray, white or black feathers.

I saw these beautiful juncos while visiting my daughter in Santa Clara. They perched on the fence of her patio, and seemed very confident, not skittish at all. They came as a pair, and I don't know which one is male or female.

I just love the rusty feathers on them and the clear tri-colors on them. My favorite thing to do on my vacation was stalking the birds, and sitting on the beach. Registered & Protected



  1. Lovely birds.

    So round, like a ball.

  2. These juncos really do stand out.

  3. Bom dia, a ave é linda, as boas foto com qualidade e nitidez, mostram na perfeição os belos detalhes, as fotos são magicas.

  4. Very nice photos! I don't think these beauties get down to the bottom part of the state.

  5. Hi, Jesh StG (from FB) here - is this your more recent blog? At wordpress I found posts from 2013-2014...
    Beautiful birds! Lived for 3 decades in the LA basin, so I know where Santa Clara is. Two years ago I moved 1 1/2 hr. SE form Sacramento -as my kids say in the middle of nowhere (not! it's only not in the city:) )

    Wanted to invite you to a meme SEASONS I started about 7 weeks ago. Anything and experience, as long as it's during the season, goes:) Photo link is open Sun-Wed. till 7pm, Pacific time. Hope to see you there, this or next week!

  6. Hi Jesh,
    I only post once in a while or when the mood strikes :) I will check it out and will keep in touch!


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