First Bunny In the Neighborhood

I spotted this bunny in the backyard of a neighbor. Since this is a condo complex, we don't actually have our own yard. Everything is connected and it is just one big open area, so seeing a bunny I was so thrill.

House Finches Near the Window

On the contrary to my worries when I move to a new place, I am still able to see birds up close and personal.  Since the little tree is so close to my living room window, I was able to shoot some pictures of these house finches through the glass.

Pretty California Juncos

I have called these birds the California Juncos! They are the prettiest juncos I have ever seen, as Michigan Juncos are very different looking with just gray, white or black feathers.

Gold Finch Comes To Visit

Coming home after dropping my son at school, I was greeted with a tree full of birds. At first, I thought they were sparrows or robins; however, the calls were different. They were the gold finches.

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