Acorn Woodpeckers

I spotted some woodpeckers on an electrical tree pole in the parking lot near my nephew's school.  I did an online search, and found out they are called acorn woodpeckers. According to what I read, the acorn woodpecker male has a red cap with a white forehead; and the female acorn woodpecker has black forehead. Their call is very distinguish and different from my Michigan downy woodpeckers.

My First Encounter With Scrub Jay

I believe this is a scrub jay and this was my first time seeing it in person. He/she caught me by surprise when landed in my sister's yard as we were heading out to church.

Pelicans On the Pier

We were walking on the Santa Barbara pier when these two pelicans landing and expecting some hand-out foods. Visitors and local residents were thrill just the same. They provided the high light of the early evening on  the pier and of course enduring the many cameras that were pointing at them.

Black-tailed Godwit

I am very poor in identifying birds, and I have searched online for the past couple of days. I am confused as ever! At first I thought this one is the long billed curlew, but upon closer look, the beak isn't curved. So that was out the window.

Then I thought it might be the short billed curlew, but no, the beak is too long to be it.

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