Friday, August 07, 2015

With temperature on the odd side and rain most days of this summer, my back yard garden is full of this orange dragonflies. They are all over the place and they don't mind the constant present of the dog and myself.

I found them delightful to watch and fun to try to take pictures. It is just a simple happiness and a way to let your mind goes for a moment or so.

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  1. It is awesome to see hundreds of them flying around.

  2. I love seeing the dragonflies in your pictures. I don't see very many myself these days because there aren't as many around here.

  3. Boa tarde, registos bem conseguidos das lindas libélulas, para as fotografar é necessário paciência, as fotos são belas.

  4. You must be very light, I can't come close enough to these guys to take these kinds of photos. They are such wonders aren't they?


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