Little Birds

Trees are barren and brown since winter is on its way! These little birds are still busy eating as much as they can find. That moment of inspiration hit when I heard the noises of these little birds on this tree.

I rarely take out my camera anymore but once in a while it hits. For some reasons these little birds love the seedings of this tree, and they got in feeding frenzy!

Wishing everyone an early great THANKSGIVING! Registered & Protected

Rain Drops

How strange it is that another month has passed me by since my last post. I don't think about blogging as much as I used to, and sometimes, when it crossed my mind, I wave it off my mind too. It no longer excites me or entices me to try. All my oomph of yesteryears was lost.

The Beautiful Painted Lady

Summer is coming to an end here in my neck of the woods, and fall flowers are blooming. My wild aster flower patch is at its peak and have been receiving many different visitors.

White Skipper

It is becoming rarer to see beautiful wings with our unpredictable weather! We have two hot days, and then rain; not enough time for butterflies or skippers to find their way to my garden.

Whenever I got a glimpse of them, I am happy and retrieve my camera as fast as possible.


With temperature on the odd side and rain most days of this summer, my back yard garden is full of this orange dragonflies. They are all over the place and they don't mind the constant present of the dog and myself.

The Brown Skipper

I have been waiting for the skippers to arrive as years before, and finally I see it. The brown skipper under wings blended in with the shade. She/he has never opened her/his wings once while visiting my white coneflowers.

Back To Nature

It was unconsciously done that I took such a long break from the blogging world, and once I am out of sort, it was hard to get back into routine, especially when life keeps spinning like a whirlpool in the ocean.

For many months I didn't even pick up my camera and just running along with the time. I can't say that things have calmed down, but whatever best is best! Now, slowly I am getting back to nature.

We have rain every other days for a couple days at a time, and my world nature is wonderful no matter what. There are different varieties of butterflies, plenty of orange/red dragons, and flowers. Registered & Protected

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