Still Growing Gloriously

These are some flowers around my home, which still growing and blooming! I am sure you all know what they are. The leaves have turned colors and are leaving their branches at fast rate too.

I am keeping my son at home today because last night on Twitter and Facebook, there were so many posts about a threat of school shoot out after the fight in school on Friday between two groups of boys. School did called late last night and said everything will be just fine.

Giving the fact that there was a school shooting in Washington this past week, I am taking a precaution and avoid this problem for today!

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The Lady

As we were pulling in onto our driveway, I saw this lady pecking on our metal gate right in front of us. That's it! Boy and dog had to sit tight inside the car so I can snap my pictures.

This Past Week In My World

This past week was full of activities in my world. There were a homecoming parade, and JoJo went to his homecoming on Saturday night. Getting this child fitted in a decent outfit was a chore, and shopping with him was not fun! 

Then there was shopping for Soccer fundraising, which I detest! I just can't wrap my head around this ordeal of raising money when I have to paid for socks, long sleeves jersey, and a hoodie. I don't know who will benefit this fundraising at all, but I suppose to put together a basket of $25 dollars worth, buy a bottle of liquor, and pay $10 dollars for my son to play bowling. Anyway, it is now done!

Joining Our World! Registered & Protected

This and That

I thought this spider web was pretty with just a touch of fall leaves from the barberry bush. It was huge! In fact, all spider web and spiders are huge this year.

Pretty Orioles

I saw this pretty oriole hanging on the wire from my laundry room's window. It hung around for a long time while my mind went blank. I just stared at the pretty yellow feathers, and then grabbed my camera to go outside.

Closing Down

These died hard cosmos and sunflower are the last flowers blooming in my yard. Winter is coming in and summer is closing down around here.

Right Inside the Heart

I think this critter is called katydid, and during August we have quite a few of them. They loved my zinnia that I had growing in a pot. They were not shy even with my camera pointing so close to them.

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