Catching the Sun

We had a fairly beautiful  week with great weather, and on the sunny day, I saw this grasshopper climbing on top of my last yellow sunflower while letting Capone out in the yard.

Activities In My World

mix activity

The pink cosmos flowers and the sunflowers are putting on their very best last show for the season in my garden at the moment. Also, coming by now are the skippers: brown one and checkered skipper one. They were so small that if they didn’t move, I would not be able to see. Then there are two to three soccer games a week, and then there is Capone growing by heap and bound.

By the way, the last two posts on my blog, I use Window Live Writer since I can’t stand the way my photos look when I use blogger to upload them. It has something to do with Google + account. I tried to change the setting in there, but the photos still look very crappy!

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Seagull Watching the Soccer Game


Standing right next to me on the bleacher at the soccer field was this seagull. It looked different from other seagulls that I have seen around here. Not sure what it wanted, since it didn’t seem to scouting for food. It looked straight to the soccer field where the game was played. I just could stop myself from wondering about its behavior, and had to take a few photos.

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Northern Flickers

After the rain, I saw a pair of Northern Flickers on the driveway and sidewalk pecking for insects. They are getting very brave being nearby the road too. I guess hunger overcomes fear for any living thing. Not only the Northern Flickers are around but there are other birds feeding right beside them.

Good week to you all!

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It is time for a little updating on Capone. He came to us at 7 weeks old, and now he is 3 months old. During this time, there were and are changes in both humans and canine's life.

Time for Skipper

Skippers are back this time with a bunch of friends in my backyard! They are loving all the flowers, and the warm of the sun when we have it. I think it is mating season also since they tend to chase each other in the air.

It is just fun to watch them frantically going for each other, and sometime for the same spot in the sun.

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Yellow and Maroon Sunflowers

Growing in my garden at this time of year is my sunflowers! Some were grown from the bird seeds that I took, and some were from the seeds that I have saved from last year.
My favorite color are these maroon ones. They are just screaming with their vibrant colors. I bought these seeds from some years back and just saved the seeds after the birds and the squirrels had ago at them.

The bright yellow ones are common, and I rather like something different! Happy Labor's Day everyone..

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