White Swans

Visiting my sister in Ohio, I got a chance to watch the swans in the early morning.  They are graceful birds and giving a feel of calmness to see.

Soccer Season Begins

It is that time again. Time to begin a new school year! Time to kick-start another soccer season! This past weekend, my son's High School Varsity Team was in a tournament. They lost the first two games, with one of our players got seriously hurt, and won our last game with 6 to 0 goals.

It was a nice boost to send them into a new the season. It will give them some confident and come together as a new team.

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The Unusual White Moth

I shot these photos at the end of June, but somehow I didn't get to them until now. Something else or some other critters seem a bit more interesting since I was not exactly happy with my shots.

White Wings

I don't see many butterflies around the garden this year except for this cabbage white butterfly. I told myself that I don't need any more photos of them, but this one insisted. She posed from one flower to the next until I can't resist any more and snapped some pictures. After that, she was quite happy and went away. Happy weekend to all!

Play Date

My nephew stopped by yesterday afternoon with his dog, Boogie, to check out Capone. At first encounter, Capone ran and looked for protection from us. Then, he got to know Boogie and he couldn't stop himself from bothering the Bulldog.

At times, we had to take Capone and put him in his kennel since he couldn't stop. He thinks he could take Boogie while the Bulldog is just being nice. The two dogs had fun frolicking around the house and the yard though.

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Checkered Skipper

I consider myself a lucky woman when I get to see this little beautiful skipper for two straight months. It didn't come every day, but only once in July and now once in August. It is known as Checkered/Grizzled/Hairy streak skipper.

Flowers In My Garden

These are some of the flowers that are growing in my garden at the moment: white Shasta daisy, pink cosmos, blue weed flower, black-eyed Susan, pink mini bachelor button, night shade, and orange wallflowers. I don't know the name of the tall pink ones in the little square above. They are quite pretty, and difficult to photograph.

Coming in to bloom is the gladiolus as I can see the tiny buds on the stalk. So far, I only have seen two different types of butterflies on these flowers. Have a great week..

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This beauty came scouting for bird seeds on one afternoon, and I couldn't resist snapping crazy. The lighting was perfect, and she was posing too. She is not the most colorful bird, but she is pretty in her own way.

I am now temporary discontinued feeding the birds after I saw rats from my neightbors' yard on both side of my house, coming out to eat the bird seeds. That wasn't very nice to see.

I informed both men and they are taking toward the poison choice. The house on my right side (this man is crazy) pour poison along the fence and kill whatever in its path, and yet he still throws his left over food out in the yard.

The guy on my left side has two chihuahua dogs, so he is more in tune with safety and taken a less abrasive way to treat the rat problem.

Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy the first weekend in August.

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