New Member Of the Family

Meet the newest member of our family. He is my son's little puppy and his name is Capone! He is 7 weeks old, a boxer mix. Mother is boxer and father is unknown. The lady we got him from is a very caring person, and even gave him a bath before handing him over to us.

Question Mark Butterfly

I am looking up on Google for the identification of this butterfly since I didn't get to see the underside wings. Its wings are pretty tattered when it came landing on the wall of my house. It is either a Question Mark butterfly or an Eastern Comma butterfly.

A Dragonfly Here And There

Since we have a wet summer so far, I seem to see many of these brown, four spotted wings dragonflies this year around yard. Upon looking up, I learned they are called Common Whitetail Skimmers. This is a young male skimmer since his tail has not yet developed the white color.

Male House Finch At the Feeder

While I was filling one of the bird feeders, this male house finch came perching and I got two shots of it. It didn't hang around for long. I think if I didn't make any movements then it would have stayed longer.

Black Squirrel And Stray Cat

We have quite a few of black squirrels in our yard this year, and they always do what they do best: digging holes, eating flowers, eating flower bulbs, and hide their food in the most obvious places.

Orange Dragonfly

This orange dragonfly was staying overnight in my garden and I caught it early in the morning. I woke it up with my clicking noise, I think!

Wild Rabbits

Around here, we see lots of wild rabbits. They live under old RVs in the parking lot across the street, and usually came out early in the morning and late in the evening to feed.

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