Cedar Waxwing

Friday, June 20, 2014

Last weekend I met up with my sister's family in Sandusky, Ohio at Kalahari Water Resorts to celebrate my nephew's 10th birthday. While waiting for all the swimmers, I noticed a line of birds perching on the very top of the tree in the distance and thought they were just sparrows.

Once I was home and had a chance to look through the pictures after searching on Google, I found out they were Cedar Waxwings, and boy I was happier than receiving a present.

Not only it was so sunny, it was also very windy on that day, so I came home with only four pictures of this beautiful bird that my own eyes saw for the very first time in real life.

I remembered not to zoom in all the way because it will be grainy, so these photos are straight out of the camera. I only resize them and put my name on them. Happy weekend to all!

Joining Saturday Critters!

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  1. It's always such a treat to see a new bird! You got some good shots!

  2. Love the Cedar Waxwings, they are beautiful birds. Great shots. thank you for linking up to my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Lovely shots! I love the waxwings.

  4. So you are a birder now. And you have found a lifer.

    1. I wish..I just got lucky once in a while :)

  5. Great luck to see waxwings, they are very rare in my area; beautiful photos.

  6. Nice shots. I love the cedar waxwings too and they're always in large groups.


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