The Elusive Oriole

I spotted this oriole on the 17 of May when I heard different bird sound in the tree, two houses away from me. I saw dots of orange and bouncing from branches to branches. There were many of this Baltimore orioles in that tree, but with the leaves filling out, it was hard to see them.

My camera failed me in the zooming department, but I was so happy to see them. I only wish to have a few spectacular shots like Karen @Pixel Posts!

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Babies Oh Babies

Two babies hatched out of four eggs at first. They don't have eyes yet, but they have big mouth and wanted to be fed. Momma and papa are taking turns to feed every couple of hours.

Of Birds and Boys

When I am at home, I enjoy watching the birds coming and flying from the feeders, making noises and poo messes too. Nothing that water can't wash off. It is a fair trade as far as I can see. I get a few occasions to take pictures, and the birds get food.

Then when we travel to different cities for soccer, I enjoy watching my son playing the game that he loves. This isn't a fair trade I don't think. This is pure devotion on both sides and comes with mixed emotion every game.

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Another Nestler

This is another robin's nest at my mom's house, and this spot is in demand every year. The two lights are situated on both sides of the garage, and only one side of it is occupied this year.


This year seems to be such a busy year for the birds. There are couples everywhere, from cardinals, to woodpeckers to Northern Flickers. They came out for courtship on sunny days and the neighborhood sounds absolutely beautiful.

Robin's Nest

It took her many tries to finally got this nest to stick and turned it into her home. This corner of my house was by the front porch, and close to the mail box. The wind had knock her nest off a few times, but she insisted and won the battle.

I believe there are eggs in the nest now because she sat in it quite often, and I saw her there even in the early morning. I just hope that nothing will happen to it, and my mailman will be gentle with her there.

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Female Redwing Blackbird

I am getting this bird at the feeder, and remember seeing it last year, which I don't know the identity but I knew I had a post about it. Many bloggers helped identify it as Female Red-Wing blackbird.

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