Yellow Daffodils

Monday, April 14, 2014

The temperature at this time of year is just gorgeous. It reaches 75 degree yesterday, and the daffodils are loving the sunshine. Within a day, these daffodils bloom.

These yellow daffodils burst out in bloom by late afternoon. To me, daffodils are the true sign of spring.

It is so good to go outside now without heavy winter gear. Nature is waking up after a long cold nap. Time to rejoice..

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  1. They are so bright and cheery!

  2. The colour of the daffodils is hypnotic.

  3. How gloriously spring-like!

  4. One of my favorite Springtime Flowers!!!
    Gorgeous photos.

  5. You are right about daffs being harbingers of warmer days to come. I am eager to see ours in zone 3 though I may have to wait until may this year!

  6. These would be more lovely especially when it blooms. What a nice sight it would be.

  7. they are so pretty, like sending beautiful smiles your way.

  8. Beautiful Springtime Flowers!!
    Greetings from Germany - Maye you take a look to my blog? Thanks!!

  9. I love seeing your daffodils -- we don't have them here and I miss them (from when we lived in the Pacific Northwest) so much. Thank you for sharing,.

  10. A nice and brilliant shade of yellow.


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