The Woodpecker Couple

Friday, April 11, 2014

I spotted this woodpecker couple in the front yard while doing chores. Of course I had to stop and watch them courting each other.

They didn't seem to care that I was right underneath, taking pictures. They jumped from branches to branches. I had a hard time focusing on them since they were in small sizes.

They had their rituals and their dances and time stood still to just stare at each other. They hung around this front yard tree for a long time. I was the one given up to go inside after a long hard day.

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  1. Oh how sweet! Spring is in the air!

  2. Cute couple! It would be nice to see their babies. Maybe soon! Thank you for linking up your critters, have a happy weekend!

  3. What a nice break in the middle of doing outdoor tasks!

  4. Cute couple. Love is in the air!

  5. what a nice sighting to enjoy after a long, stressful day. have a great weekend~

  6. Spring is here for sure! They were intent on doing what birds do this time of year and paid no attention to the photographer...


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