Mid March Snow

Monday, March 17, 2014

We had another snow storm around mid March, and it was quite an accumulation as you can see. The snow was heavy and wet so it kept the pile up very well.

The next day our school closed. This winter had been very harsh for us here in Michigan. Pot holes on the road were huge and deep. The front part of my car exhaust system and the muffler fell off in two weeks consecutively.

It was pretty seeing snow held their shape on dead flower stalks and on things like this. Since it is March already, I am thinking we might have a couple more snow storm, and hopefully will be it for the year.

In the meantime, enjoy your week..

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  1. I hope you get warmer temps soon. Very nice pictures.

  2. Yes, more snow here too! I like the way the snow tops everything!

  3. these are very beautiful shots, somehow winter is very picturesque but does not describe so well the pain and mess it brings like your broken exhaust system and muffler, sorry about that, hope they are now repaired.

  4. I hope your thaw doesn't lead to flooding. I like the hats all the plants are wearing.

  5. Wonderfully creative snow shots ~ 1st one almost look an owl nesting ~ Great post for OWT ~ thanks, xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  6. Love your snowy scenes. We had more snow today!! It does not want to quit..I hope spring is on the way.

  7. Beautiful shots. It's pouring down sleet as I comment and I fear all the flowers will be weighed down beyond repair. We've already had several shifts of flowers with the first batch snowed on, the second batch hit by very low temps and now the third batch is dealing with a lot of ice pouring down. We have huge swings in temperatures during the spring but this has been particularly momentous.

  8. What great shots, snow does give you beautiful photo opportunities, but I'm sure you're looking forward to the thaw.

  9. Beautiful pictures but difficult conditions for you to endure. I hope they don't last too much longer.

  10. Beautiful--like icing on cupcakes, especially the first one

  11. Great shots. Beauty found amidst the cold and snow. Hope it will warm up soon over there.

  12. Such pretty shots, although I expect you're all longing for spring.

  13. Oh my, what pretty pictures of such a cold subject. lol Our snow is beginning to melt, but that doesn't mean a lot in Michigan. In can give us an encore in nothing flat. :-)


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