Snow Storm Hercules

Monday, January 06, 2014

They have named the winter storm of 2014 as Hercules, and Hercules it is. We got dumped more than 6 inches of snow over night, with strong wind and cold temperature.

Since I have to go out and clear the snow by the back door, I snap some random photos in the backyard. Hope you all stay warm and safe out there!

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  1. Take care dear. Glad to know you are safe. As always I love how you captured the beauty of snow :)wish I could send you some ray of sunshine though :)

  2. Very creative photos of 'wintry mood' ~ xxxx

    now it is raining and in the 40's and then frigid temps and ice probably

  3. Very creative photos of wintry mood ~ xxx

  4. We got the same here. I like your "snow flowers"!

  5. Pretty snow scenes! I like the flowers! Have a happy week!

  6. very pretty, but of course, I do understand that behind the prettiness comes a bitter reality of cold.

  7. Lovely wintry shots. Stay warm!

  8. Pristine snow always looks so beautiful until you need to go about your daily life. Take care and keep warm

  9. OMG! So much snow! Those little snow mounds on the flowers are cute.

  10. Very cold looking, but very pretty as well! Nice photos.
    Stay warm! We are more likely to see a UFO than a snow flake here.

  11. It's pretty, but too cold to be around. What a shame. You have to enjoy the snow in Tahoe one day. :-)

  12. White winter wonderland...I love it! Stay warm and safe and dry! Aloha

  13. keep warm and safe, Icy. i know all of us living in the tropics would love snow but in reality, some hate snow. beautiful to look and photograph nonetheless. love your captures!

  14. very beautiful!
    love snow.
    keep warm!

    have a warm weekend~


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