Starling On the Roof

We had a bit of sun shine after many days of minus degrees, so the starlings came out to play on the roof of the house. They were eating the snow and lined up at the edges of the roof.

Silhouette Birds

It is cold! It is freezing here! You all already know that..The wind chill temperature is currently -15 and blowing at 15-20 MPH. I feel bad for the birds. They stay in group whenever they can. Some of them can barely fly in this strong cold wind either. So wrap up and stay warm!

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In Clear View

Life is good when you sighting a hawk like this in plain view! I watched it through my window when it was still in between the branches. I also saw it caught something and ate it. And then just like that, it came in clear view for me to snap.

Junco Feeding

Beside eating at the feeder, the junco also seems to like eating these old aster flower heads. We had another two inches of snow during last week, but whenever the sun came out, the juncos came to visit too.

Their under belly feathers were as white as snow, and the dark feathers on top made them stood out! Have a wonderful week...

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Elegant White

I have to tap into my archives for some critter photos, and realize that I missed seeing these fluttering wings of the cabbage white butterfly. This was summer greatest gift!

Here and There In My World

The icicles and snow are melting, and the rain helps tremendously with this process. They said we might get flooded because of the snow piles, but so far so good.

We are still blessed. Electricity is on; heat is on; no frozen pipes! We are warm and safe! We got over the first storm of the New Year, and life is still good.

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Hawk Of 2014

I was looking through my archives for some pictures to post, but get tired of the process and went outside to do some shoveling. When I took a break and looked up, I saw this fluffy hawk quietly perching in another yard.

Snow Storm Hercules

They have named the winter storm of 2014 as Hercules, and Hercules it is. We got dumped more than 6 inches of snow over night, with strong wind and cold temperature.

Since I have to go out and clear the snow by the back door, I snap some random photos in the backyard. Hope you all stay warm and safe out there!

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Taking a Stroll

We were in Columbus, Ohio visiting my sister over the Holidays and I was desperately wanted to snap some new pictures when this goose presented itself.

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