Monday Snow

We woke up to a layer of wet snow. It is pretty if you want to think it is pretty! I believe we are still luckier than other States with a temperature of 36 degrees while other places are minus 5 degree. We will get there, but not now.

He And She

He came to the yard looking for his mate. He called and called, and didn't even bother with the pup running around right under him.

Still Growing Gloriously

These are some flowers around my home, which still growing and blooming! I am sure you all know what they are. The leaves have turned colors and are leaving their branches at fast rate too.

I am keeping my son at home today because last night on Twitter and Facebook, there were so many posts about a threat of school shoot out after the fight in school on Friday between two groups of boys. School did called late last night and said everything will be just fine.

Giving the fact that there was a school shooting in Washington this past week, I am taking a precaution and avoid this problem for today!

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The Lady

As we were pulling in onto our driveway, I saw this lady pecking on our metal gate right in front of us. That's it! Boy and dog had to sit tight inside the car so I can snap my pictures.

This Past Week In My World

This past week was full of activities in my world. There were a homecoming parade, and JoJo went to his homecoming on Saturday night. Getting this child fitted in a decent outfit was a chore, and shopping with him was not fun! 

Then there was shopping for Soccer fundraising, which I detest! I just can't wrap my head around this ordeal of raising money when I have to paid for socks, long sleeves jersey, and a hoodie. I don't know who will benefit this fundraising at all, but I suppose to put together a basket of $25 dollars worth, buy a bottle of liquor, and pay $10 dollars for my son to play bowling. Anyway, it is now done!

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This and That

I thought this spider web was pretty with just a touch of fall leaves from the barberry bush. It was huge! In fact, all spider web and spiders are huge this year.

Pretty Orioles

I saw this pretty oriole hanging on the wire from my laundry room's window. It hung around for a long time while my mind went blank. I just stared at the pretty yellow feathers, and then grabbed my camera to go outside.

Closing Down

These died hard cosmos and sunflower are the last flowers blooming in my yard. Winter is coming in and summer is closing down around here.

Right Inside the Heart

I think this critter is called katydid, and during August we have quite a few of them. They loved my zinnia that I had growing in a pot. They were not shy even with my camera pointing so close to them.

Catching the Sun

We had a fairly beautiful  week with great weather, and on the sunny day, I saw this grasshopper climbing on top of my last yellow sunflower while letting Capone out in the yard.

Activities In My World

mix activity

The pink cosmos flowers and the sunflowers are putting on their very best last show for the season in my garden at the moment. Also, coming by now are the skippers: brown one and checkered skipper one. They were so small that if they didn’t move, I would not be able to see. Then there are two to three soccer games a week, and then there is Capone growing by heap and bound.

By the way, the last two posts on my blog, I use Window Live Writer since I can’t stand the way my photos look when I use blogger to upload them. It has something to do with Google + account. I tried to change the setting in there, but the photos still look very crappy!

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Seagull Watching the Soccer Game


Standing right next to me on the bleacher at the soccer field was this seagull. It looked different from other seagulls that I have seen around here. Not sure what it wanted, since it didn’t seem to scouting for food. It looked straight to the soccer field where the game was played. I just could stop myself from wondering about its behavior, and had to take a few photos.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to join Saturday Critters! Registered & Protected

Northern Flickers

After the rain, I saw a pair of Northern Flickers on the driveway and sidewalk pecking for insects. They are getting very brave being nearby the road too. I guess hunger overcomes fear for any living thing. Not only the Northern Flickers are around but there are other birds feeding right beside them.

Good week to you all!

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It is time for a little updating on Capone. He came to us at 7 weeks old, and now he is 3 months old. During this time, there were and are changes in both humans and canine's life.

Time for Skipper

Skippers are back this time with a bunch of friends in my backyard! They are loving all the flowers, and the warm of the sun when we have it. I think it is mating season also since they tend to chase each other in the air.

It is just fun to watch them frantically going for each other, and sometime for the same spot in the sun.

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Yellow and Maroon Sunflowers

Growing in my garden at this time of year is my sunflowers! Some were grown from the bird seeds that I took, and some were from the seeds that I have saved from last year.
My favorite color are these maroon ones. They are just screaming with their vibrant colors. I bought these seeds from some years back and just saved the seeds after the birds and the squirrels had ago at them.

The bright yellow ones are common, and I rather like something different! Happy Labor's Day everyone..

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White Swans

Visiting my sister in Ohio, I got a chance to watch the swans in the early morning.  They are graceful birds and giving a feel of calmness to see.

Soccer Season Begins

It is that time again. Time to begin a new school year! Time to kick-start another soccer season! This past weekend, my son's High School Varsity Team was in a tournament. They lost the first two games, with one of our players got seriously hurt, and won our last game with 6 to 0 goals.

It was a nice boost to send them into a new the season. It will give them some confident and come together as a new team.

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The Unusual White Moth

I shot these photos at the end of June, but somehow I didn't get to them until now. Something else or some other critters seem a bit more interesting since I was not exactly happy with my shots.

White Wings

I don't see many butterflies around the garden this year except for this cabbage white butterfly. I told myself that I don't need any more photos of them, but this one insisted. She posed from one flower to the next until I can't resist any more and snapped some pictures. After that, she was quite happy and went away. Happy weekend to all!

Play Date

My nephew stopped by yesterday afternoon with his dog, Boogie, to check out Capone. At first encounter, Capone ran and looked for protection from us. Then, he got to know Boogie and he couldn't stop himself from bothering the Bulldog.

At times, we had to take Capone and put him in his kennel since he couldn't stop. He thinks he could take Boogie while the Bulldog is just being nice. The two dogs had fun frolicking around the house and the yard though.

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Checkered Skipper

I consider myself a lucky woman when I get to see this little beautiful skipper for two straight months. It didn't come every day, but only once in July and now once in August. It is known as Checkered/Grizzled/Hairy streak skipper.

Flowers In My Garden

These are some of the flowers that are growing in my garden at the moment: white Shasta daisy, pink cosmos, blue weed flower, black-eyed Susan, pink mini bachelor button, night shade, and orange wallflowers. I don't know the name of the tall pink ones in the little square above. They are quite pretty, and difficult to photograph.

Coming in to bloom is the gladiolus as I can see the tiny buds on the stalk. So far, I only have seen two different types of butterflies on these flowers. Have a great week..

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This beauty came scouting for bird seeds on one afternoon, and I couldn't resist snapping crazy. The lighting was perfect, and she was posing too. She is not the most colorful bird, but she is pretty in her own way.

I am now temporary discontinued feeding the birds after I saw rats from my neightbors' yard on both side of my house, coming out to eat the bird seeds. That wasn't very nice to see.

I informed both men and they are taking toward the poison choice. The house on my right side (this man is crazy) pour poison along the fence and kill whatever in its path, and yet he still throws his left over food out in the yard.

The guy on my left side has two chihuahua dogs, so he is more in tune with safety and taken a less abrasive way to treat the rat problem.

Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy the first weekend in August.

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New Member Of the Family

Meet the newest member of our family. He is my son's little puppy and his name is Capone! He is 7 weeks old, a boxer mix. Mother is boxer and father is unknown. The lady we got him from is a very caring person, and even gave him a bath before handing him over to us.

Question Mark Butterfly

I am looking up on Google for the identification of this butterfly since I didn't get to see the underside wings. Its wings are pretty tattered when it came landing on the wall of my house. It is either a Question Mark butterfly or an Eastern Comma butterfly.

A Dragonfly Here And There

Since we have a wet summer so far, I seem to see many of these brown, four spotted wings dragonflies this year around yard. Upon looking up, I learned they are called Common Whitetail Skimmers. This is a young male skimmer since his tail has not yet developed the white color.

Male House Finch At the Feeder

While I was filling one of the bird feeders, this male house finch came perching and I got two shots of it. It didn't hang around for long. I think if I didn't make any movements then it would have stayed longer.

Black Squirrel And Stray Cat

We have quite a few of black squirrels in our yard this year, and they always do what they do best: digging holes, eating flowers, eating flower bulbs, and hide their food in the most obvious places.

Orange Dragonfly

This orange dragonfly was staying overnight in my garden and I caught it early in the morning. I woke it up with my clicking noise, I think!

Wild Rabbits

Around here, we see lots of wild rabbits. They live under old RVs in the parking lot across the street, and usually came out early in the morning and late in the evening to feed.


Not sure what this bird is called so I can tell you much. It came and stayed on the cable line for a long time, looking at me! The feeders were empty I think even though I just filled it in the morning.

Not Shy

As cute as he is, he is a destroyer in my yard. He dug up all my new tulip bulbs and ate them when I came out to water the plants. He ran to the fence and stop to pose for the camera.

Cedar Waxwing

Last weekend I met up with my sister's family in Sandusky, Ohio at Kalahari Water Resorts to celebrate my nephew's 10th birthday. While waiting for all the swimmers, I noticed a line of birds perching on the very top of the tree in the distance and thought they were just sparrows.

Female Starling

I believe this is a female starling, but if I am wrong; feel free to correct me. She separated herself from a rowdy bunch of other birds. She sat way up high in the tree doing her own thing.

As you can see, she stood on a broken tree branch, and pecking at it too. At this time of year, starlings are very loud and gathered in every yard around here.

Happy new week to you all..

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