Cardinal Couple

There is a bit of color in my world and that is this cardinal couple! They are hanging around way in the back of my yard. Spotting red color in a barren, and gloomy surrounding sure is a spirit lifting moment.

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Holidays Wish

May your life will always be filled with joy
and may you have the best time with your family this season.

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The Cutest Bunny

Time to get to the pet shop for some cute critters, and this pretty bunny grabs at our hearts. My son loves bunnies, but these two had a home to go to already. They were too cute to sit there long.

Soft Aster Flower Head

I took this picture of the aster flower head at the end of last month. There is nothing left in my world at the moment except for a thick, thick blanket of snow. It's shoveling time and keeping the driveway/side walk cleared. Enjoy your week!

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Little Birdies At the Feeder

I google this little birdie and it said the gray headed sparrow. Not sure if I see this type of sparrow around here before, but I was glad it came by. While the woodpecker was feeding, this little thing just hang around.

Updates-Karen @ Pixel-Posts identified this little birdie as female junco, not gray-headed sparrow..

I didn't see the black capped chickadee this summer, but I saw one today at the feeder. It was so beautiful to see, and my excitement ruined the shot. It's blurry and I only got one picture.

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Wild Rose Leaves

The wild rose plant in my yard still carries some beautiful rose leaves on its branches. When the sun hit it just right, these leaves are utterly pretty. It is amazing to me that these leaves could withstand such cold weather.

Enjoy your Monday!

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Male House Finch

I am pretty sure this little guy is a male house finch since I googled it! There is something about this tree and its leaves or seeds that birds seem to like. This little guy stayed quite a while, with his female partner stood near by!

Laying Around

Our three years old bunny, Delilah, got the run of the area rug in the living room but after a little while, she just lays around looking pretty. She is the sweetest bunny that we have so far in my life, and we had many.

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