Orange Moth

Friday, November 01, 2013

It is hard to miss when this orange stood out from all the greenery on the ground! I thought the pattern on its wings were pretty, so I crouched down for up close shots. It was moving quite fast so I only had three decent photos.

I got a couple shots of this orange moth's head and it looked huge!  It had a deeper orange color eyes also and didn't appreciate my invasion that much.

This was the last shot that this orange moth allowing me to take! See how angry it looked at me? I had to take off after that stare down :-)

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  1. You are lucky.

    No four-letter words from the critter.

    1. No way--not words, but that look said it all :-)

  2. He looks to be as put out with you as my Jack was with me while the titmouse got all the goodies. Nice shots.The third is my favorite with its eye bulging.

  3. Popatrzył na Ciebie z nadzieją, że mu ładne zdjęcia zrobiłaś. Wiem jednak, że byłby z nich zadowolony :).
    He looked at you with the hope that he did pretty pictures. But I know that would be happy with them :).

  4. i was thinking he looked mad. :)

  5. Very pretty, love the color! Happy weekend to you!

  6. Beautiful photos even though the moth wasn't very interested in posing for you.

  7. Hahaha very colorful and powerful eyes! I wonder what the moth wanted to tell you :) I'd love to think it secretly enjoyed the limelight ♥

  8. Lovely shots, wonderfull the last, greeting from Belgium


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