Little Sparrows

Friday, November 22, 2013

Outside my mudroom window, there are only these sparrows dominating the feeders. The blue jay, cardinal, and woodpecker haven't been back to visit. I still hear them around the neighborhood, but they seem to be busy building nest and "sagging" up!

I have stopped taking the suet out of its plastic container, and just removed the label sheet of it. It seemed to do a great job in keeping the squirrels away and made the suet lasted longer. Registered & Protected



  1. Very nice birds, very nice photos!

  2. wish i can keep the birds visiting at home too, they usually fly out when i make noise :(

  3. They look so busy and so happy! ♡ and am sure you had a grand time taking photos of your winged friends :) they are lucky to have you in their world ♡

  4. Sparrows dominate my feeders too!

  5. I adore little sparrows. They used to greet me each day when I worked in the garden. They are so special and your photos are wonderful


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