Leaf by Leaf

Monday, November 11, 2013

With all the beautiful autumn leaves covered the ground these days, it's hard to ignore the colors and beauty in them. I have been collecting leaves that spoke to me (yah, right) with their veins and colors. I have a desire to preserve them by photographing them one by one.

Just think, each year we are showered with these beauties and quietly we let them passed by.

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  1. Beautiful colors and creative presentation ~ thanks for visiting too! ~ carol, xxx

  2. It is difficult to ignore such beauties.

  3. Beautiful Autumn leaves, Lovely mosaic!

  4. thanks for reminding me, i usually collect leaves that are meaningful to me too this time of the year, however, had been too preoccupied lately that i have forgotten about this simple but very meaningful and therapeutic joy

  5. Very nice! I like to play in the leaves with my granddaughter and we "wax" the really pretty ones.

  6. Yes, so many just disappear without being noticed.
    Great captures.


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