November Knocker

She is a female downy woodpecker! She has no red mark on her neck, and she is very quiet when she comes to feed. It is the end of November, and I am glad she came around to give me happiness.

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In No Particular Order

With the temperature plummet down to the 20 degree mark, it is hard to stay outside long, especially when the wind cut through layers of clothing. These are just some random shots from inside and outside my home.

I wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, count your blessings and enjoy your time with family.

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Little Sparrows

Outside my mudroom window, there are only these sparrows dominating the feeders. The blue jay, cardinal, and woodpecker haven't been back to visit. I still hear them around the neighborhood, but they seem to be busy building nest and "sagging" up!

Cardinal Stopping By

Cardinal lives around my neck of the woods year round, and they are always a joy to see. This handsome one stopped by very early in the morning, before the wind kicked up. He picked something from those leaves, and ate it.

November Ladies

When the sun was out, I saw these lady bugs flying around, and landed on my screen door. Three of them seem to like the warmth of the sun, one without any spot, one with lots of spots, and one with a few.

How to Create Your Own Hand Written Signature

Have you seen those hand written signatures on some blogs yet? Well, I have and I like that personal look of signature. I also have wondered where and how to get that look for my blog. There are many places that I've tried, but it was either too complicated or just not what I am after.

Leaf by Leaf

With all the beautiful autumn leaves covered the ground these days, it's hard to ignore the colors and beauty in them. I have been collecting leaves that spoke to me (yah, right) with their veins and colors. I have a desire to preserve them by photographing them one by one.

Just think, each year we are showered with these beauties and quietly we let them passed by.

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Gold Finch On Top

I have seen gold finches flitting about and around over my head many times, and I can hear them close by; but this little critters are fast! They won't stop for my camera to even have enough time opens.

Autumn Peak

The tree in the background is now at its peak, with gorgeous colors of red, gold, orange and a rainbow in between. 
My feather friend came back every day for a few bites quite regularly now. If the suet is empty, he/she will let me know about it too.
I found one mini orange rose left in the garden. It used to have just orange color during the summer, but this colder weather, it gained a streak of red stripe on the petal. 
My world is looking sad with everything going to sleep. Have a bless week..

Orange Moth

It is hard to miss when this orange stood out from all the greenery on the ground! I thought the pattern on its wings were pretty, so I crouched down for up close shots. It was moving quite fast so I only had three decent photos.

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