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As blog owners, we have many responsibilities such as posting to our blogs, bookmarking our sites, and making friends to promote our blogs. If we can get a decent amount of traffic to our blog, our adsense have a better chance to make money.

I read this interesting article: Submitting Websites to Web Directories, and find it very useful. The article mentions that to stand out from millions of websites, we must think about submitting our blogs to directories, and with the right directories, our blogs will have a better chance in increasing traffic.

With website directories, our blogs are listed in the right categories, and provide users a group of websites in that particular category to chose from. I learn from this article the different between search engine and web directories.

It is interesting to find out that some directories will reject your website submission, and some charge a small fee to place your site at a prominent placement. This article also mentions that there are many free directories for us to submit our websites, but it has provided no links.

Overall, this article discusses the usefulness of web directories submission, and explains why we should use them to expose our blogs to the World Wide Web.

I have been using these sites below to submit my blogs and articles, and they are free to use. All you need is an email address.

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