Three Easy Steps to Get Alexa Ranking for Your Blog

Do you know anything about Alexa Ranking for your blog/site? I don't, and I didn't think it is important at all to my blog until I sign up with paid ad review sites.

What I found out is your Alexa Ranking is very serious, and it determines the rating of your blog when you apply for ad review opportunities. The higher the rank of a blog, the more tasks/assignments you will receive, and the more money you can make.

After reading many articles on Alexa, I found three easy steps to increase blogs ranking. As you can tell, I am on a quest to earn money while enjoy blogging.

Step One

Click on this link, type in your blog address, and click submit. Next, it will take you to another page, and you will need to click on "Request that Alexa crawl...(your site). If you want to, you can also click on "Update contact information..."

Step Two

Click on this link to go to Widget site, where you will scroll down the page to find what widget you want to put on your blog. For me, I chose to install the Alexa Traffic Rank, and Alexa Site Stats Button.

Hit Build Widget, then copy and paste the codes on your blog. Since I changed my template twice in the last six months, my ranking, and stats are just pathetic!

The reason why you should put the widgets on your blog is to let Alexa knows the traffic coming to your site.

Step Three

Download the Alexa toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer, and set your blog as your Home Page. The toolbar allows you to see other similar sites, traffic trend, and enhanced search.

I hope you will find this post useful/helpful to increase your blog ranking. Even if you are not into making money doing ad reviews, it is good to know that your blog brings enjoyment to other people.

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