The Last Few Games

Monday, October 07, 2013

Our soccer season is winding down to only two more games and then heading into District playoff. Being a young team with only two seniors, we haven't done well, but the players show signs of trusting toward each other and jelling quite famously as time went on.

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  1. Neat action shots ~ Seasons just fly by ~ enjoy ^_^ carol ^_^

    Thanks for 'visiting' ~ love to have you!

  2. they would be better next year.

  3. It's not whether you win or lose... but winning is nice once and awhile. :)

  4. Either way, you took some great photos of the action1

  5. It is not always about winning. Glad the team is jelling. Have a great day!

  6. am sure they are very happy still with how their group has grow and with their jelling, they would be better

  7. Amazing collage. I do like this's so physical and mental at the same time. Your team...hope they do well in the playoff games. Keep us posted.


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