Science and Poetry Websites For Kids

Science Website to Explore

Are you fascinated about space, plants, climate, innovation, oceans, earth, human world, bizarre, innovation, animals, and photos? I am and Earth Sky is a wonderful website to explore all of these areas.

This website is designed for kids, and it offers in podcasts which you can listen to a short reading by scientists. There are many areas to choose from. In the Science News section, you can find answer to questions such as “If the sun refused to shine, would you mind”, or “Is yawning contagious”, or “Does it look like the moon is following you?”

If you have children at home, who are curious about everything on earth, this is a good website to introduce them to. It will satisfy their curiosity, and get answer to questions that they may have.

Poetry Site for Kids

While doing research for my new article on writing story and poetry sites for children, I run across this website Kristine O’Connel George after the article was published.

You will find exercises to help your budding poets, as they explore their own writing and learning to compose verses. Though this site is designed for children, I love it just as well. You can find tips for the poets, or listen to poems read aloud by the author, or read her books.

The idea of putting these websites together in an article came from my son, who loves to dictate stories to me before bedtime. I want to keep his imagination vivid and rich, but sometimes, it is not possible. These websites come in handy for him to either write a story or a poem, or make a photo slide show.

Check out Four Websites for Children to Have Fun Exploring, because you will find them very enjoyable also, I promise..

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I will poke and around and see what I can find for T. Thanks for the recommendations and the links.

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