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What is Google Analytics Codes, and do you have any ideas what they are? I hear about it! I see it on the internet, but clueless about their functionality. It seems that there are hundred of new things we must learn everyday to keep our blogs/websites running smoothly.

Life has just getting a little bit more complicated than I really can participate right now! So research, read, and read I did!

I came across an article on eblog templates , where you can get not only templates for free, but I also found many helpful and informative articles. In this one: How to Install Google Analytics Codes on Blogger , I actually understood what I have to do to install the codes to my blog.

It is easy to follow step-by-step direction, and straight to the point of what you need to do! So if you haven’t sign up for a Google Analytics account yet, click on the link, and apply the direction.

This is what Google Analytics looks like:

Once you have the codes installed on your blog, you can monitor your traffic, find out which post is most popular, and where they come from.

Even if you do not want to install Google Analytics Codes, it is good to be aware that it is out there, its functions, and have some ideas when you hear about it.

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Zenserly November 04, 2013 6:02 am  

Hi Icy! I am not sure whether I have properly installed google analytics on my blog :) There's one thing I still do not understand much, RSS feeds :( Too lazy to learn about it. I am interested though with html and keyword use :) too many blog things, too little time :)

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