Brown Moth

Saturday, October 19, 2013

This beautiful brown moth came to visit the fleabane flowers a couple of days before the creamy color moth came around. It hid under the shade between all the flower, but the crazy flapping wings gave it away.

It was hungry and busy climbing and jumping from one flower to the next. This was the first time ever that I saw this sort of moths in my garden! The body was thick and huge. The head was also big.

Sawn, a visitor to my post on creamy color moth, said it could be a Hummingbird moth, and I googled it but it didn't look the same. He could be right though. There are too many species of moth and I am not an expert..Whatever it is, it made my day seeing it!

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  1. A big head moth.

    Must be very intelligent.

  2. These big body guys are fun to watch. I often wonder how they can get airborne with all their bulk. Nice shots!

  3. Good it sat still for you! Nicely captured.

  4. Very nice shots of the moth. Looks great with the wonderful flower!


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