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Monday, September 30, 2013

We have jumpers, plenty of jumpers like this one in the yard now! It is time for them to eat whatever left before winter comes. It is a pretty critter, and it has its own duty to do so I don't mind.

I saw them on my coneflower plant, at least five of them at a time! They are quite busy doing whatever that they are doing. I just like that pattern and colors on their legs.

The jumper in these photos are still small in size, and there are huge ones which are not quite as pretty.

Have a great week, everybody!

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  1. fantastic shots of the critter!!
    excellently done.

    have a great week ahead:))

  2. Lubię te skaczące owady. Pierwsze zdjęcie jest świetne. Pozdrawiam.
    I like the jumping insects. The first picture is great. Yours.

  3. Excellent shot of that handsome, green fellow! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week!!

  4. wow, very up close and the details are very clear

  5. Great photos of gorgeous gems of nature ~ every 'critter' has its place ~ carol ^_^

  6. Cute grasshoppers and great photos. Have a happy week!

  7. It doesn't look that small to me.

  8. It should be grasshopper time here, too, but we don't have hardly any this year. Nice photos!

  9. Nice photos! We don't see nearly as many here as we used to. I hope that's not a bad thing...

  10. Grasshoppers have amazingly beautiful wings when they are open. I saw one on display that way. It almost had a butterfly look, but moving so fast you don't really see them. - Margy

  11. Crickets! They scare me!
    Great shots, I am amazed seeing the colors.

  12. wow! I´m a huge fan of taking pictures of insects myself. Really like this one!

  13. Pretty pattern and color on the legs! ♥ I wonder what it is they are busy with. Happy weekend Icy!♡

  14. Great close ups. I used to catch grasshoppers and feed them to my cat when I was little. lol


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