Pretty Jumper

We have jumpers, plenty of jumpers like this one in the yard now! It is time for them to eat whatever left before winter comes. It is a pretty critter, and it has its own duty to do so I don't mind.

She Stands Pretty

I believe she is a younging as part of her feathers show the blueish-gray and her color is still a dull red. Busiest this month around here are the cardinals and the blue-jays. They dominate the feeders.

Autumn Wild Flowers

Autumn is here and yesterday made it official. Fleabane flowers have been making their debut for more than a week now! I am not quite sure if the white flower about is a fleabane or not; I just know they are growing wild and bloom at the same as the lavender below.

I have two stalks of this gorgeous lavender fleabane in the yard! I love them and planted them last year even though they grow wild elsewhere.

Have a great week, everybody!

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Fascinating Bug

This bug, this incredible and unusual bug took me for a surprise when I was out in the backyard. The long black body kept my eyes glued on it so I could snap the pictures. Anyone knows what it is?

In the Heat

The weather in this past week was quite a roller coaster for us! We hit a heat wave two days straight and out on the field there was no shade shelter for either players or speculators.

The players were exhausted and sweating in the heat, and as soon as they got off the field; they headed for drink! There were no cups, so this was the best way for all players to get some water in.

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Black Wasp

I had quite a collection of different bug around the mint flowers, more so than the previous years! I think this one is in the wasp family, not sure if it's the great black wasp or is the blue wings wasp the one?

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Back to Soccer Season

My son took a year off from playing soccer so we can have time to pursuit his confirmation. And we did! He went to try out for his first year in High School and made it on the Varsity team.

We have been back to running around like nuts since the second week of August! If it was not practice then it was game! I'm glad he is active and that is worth all my effort though.

What I don't like is that I have to pay to get in and see my son plays whether it's a home game or away game!!

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Green Dragonfly-Red Dragonfly

Green Dragonfly
My eyes caught sight of this green dragonfly just for a split second, and I got one shot of it! As I tried to move slowly around, it flew away and no where to be seen again!

Red Dragonfly
I got three shots of this red dragonfly. They must have thousand eyes or something because it didn't matter how slow or creeping up, they saw me and just flew off!

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