They Come Two By Two

Friday, August 09, 2013

I am sharing with you today a collection of my July and August critters that came in pairs. I had to say they are the most surprising fun to watch and observed!

A Pair of Sparrows

A Pair of Bluejays
Another Pair of Bluejays
A Pair of Starlings
A Pair of White Butterflies
Another Pair of Sparrows
A Pair of Young Robins
Have a fabulous weekend..

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  1. Beautiful group of 'pairs' Icy, your small birds are so sweet. I find when my birds visit they also seem to arrive in pairs, I like it :)

  2. How cool! Makes me think of Noah's ark.

  3. Oh, Icy these are adorable and the sparrows are mt favorites. So sweet

  4. Pretty captures of all the twosomes. Happy weekend!

  5. Loved seeing your pairs! What fun!

  6. Makes me want to get a bird feeder ~ Wow! Excellent photography of nature's treasures and 2 butterflies! ~ thank, carol, xo

  7. Beautiful birds. I love the jays.


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