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Friday, August 16, 2013

Not sure if this is a beetle, but it's a very interesting critter to see! The armor on this bug has a different pattern and color than the Japanese beetle that I usually see.

It seemed to go after the nectar of this feverfew flower rather than eating the petals and leaves.

Enjoy your weekend...

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  1. love the shots, flowers alone already are very beautiful, but showing bugs enjoying them add more excitement to the picture

  2. He is a hefty guy isn't he? Beautiful captures

  3. Great shots of this cute little bug!

  4. Love the flowers and the cool beetle bug! Happy weekend to you!

  5. looks fascinating indeed....I love the way it hugged and kissed the flower's heart :)

  6. It trips me out that we used to play with bugs like these in our younger days.


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