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Friday, August 30, 2013

Having wrists tendonitis I can't be on the computer long; so the best thing for me to do is being outdoors and looking for bugs. I wonder if shooting pictures have anything to do with my wrists pain!

You have heard me said this before and that our summer is very short here in Michigan. Other people avoid the sun but I don't unless I have a huge headache.

I notice that my mint flowers attract many different types of bugs, including the white butterflies and skippers.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Icy, I hope your tendinitis is getting better. These shots are fantastic with all that great detail. Mint does tend to attract all sorts of critters. Have a wonderful labor day weekend.

  2. I hope your problem goes away soon. When I had it, I was very scared that it might become a permanent problem. Thank god with some rest and some adjustments to the way I hold my wrist, it hasn't come back since.

  3. sorry about your wrist problems!
    Great pics!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. sorry about your wrist pain! love this pretty blue wasp, though.

  5. Sending you lost of healing energy hugs ~ tendonitis probably has more to do with 'typing on the computer' than shooting photos I would bet ~ carol, xo

  6. Cool looking bug and great shots. I hope you wrist pain goes away! Happy weekend to you!

  7. Take good rest! Wrists are important for we bloggers. :)
    Great shots!

  8. What lovely shots! Hope your wrists feel better.

  9. sorry to hear about your tendonitis Icy, hope you feel better soon, and these are great shots

  10. Lovely bugs! I'm sorry about your wrists.


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