Pretty Lily

Monday, July 15, 2013

I believe this is a day-lily, hermerocallis, and it is blooming around my home. Once it's grown; there is virtually no care needed. It came back year after year; and seemed to only get thicker.

We have lot of rain this year so far, and the colors have such richness in them. It is now the middle of July, and these day-lilies are on their way out!

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  1. I love the day lilies Icy, they remind me of my Mum, she grew them beautifully. Yours here is a fab vibrant colour.

  2. Exquisite flowers and captures!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Love the color!!

  3. Day-lilies are my favourit flowers. These flowers are so vibrant and cheerful.Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are such hardy old-fashioned flowers. You can still see them blooming around abandoned farmhouses in the countryside.

  5. It's gorgeous! Such a beautiful color!

  6. Love the colour of those day lilies.

  7. Oh so lovely! I see a lot of these growing around here too. Such beautiful color!

  8. Stunning shots of the flower!

  9. such beauty!! Love the sunlight you've managed to capture on the lily!! Extraordinary composition.

  10. So pretty. I have many blooming too and enjoy them immensely.


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