Pretty White Coneflower

My white coneflower has now becoming an enormous bush in my backyard, and it has also re-seeded itself in different areas. I have transplanted a few to the front garden, and so far so good.

Killdeer In the Neighborhood

Driving down the street, I saw this unusual looking bird stood on one leg on the sidewalk in my neighborhood. I had to stop to take photos, and thought it was hurt.

Gorgeous Pink Lilies

For the past 11 years, I had one huge clump of this kind of lilies all in deep orange color (you can see them here) in the front garden. However, these gorgeous pink lilies grew this year out of no where! 

Cardinal In the Rain

This year I set up three bird feeders side by side and have been enjoying many different kinds of birds around the yard. My favorites are cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers, northern flickers, and other common birds.

Pretty Lily

I believe this is a day-lily, hermerocallis, and it is blooming around my home. Once it's grown; there is virtually no care needed. It came back year after year; and seemed to only get thicker.

We have lot of rain this year so far, and the colors have such richness in them. It is now the middle of July, and these day-lilies are on their way out!

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Unknown Bird

Update: the majority of bloggers identified this bird as Female Redwing Blackbird! Thank you..

It stood there on the fence, looking at me as I walked out of the door. At first I thought it was a juvenile robin, but then I doubted it when I examined closer through my lens. The legs, for example, were much longer than the robin.

The Web

Spider Web
It's summer and critters are out in full force. Spiders are every where making web at any spot on this earth that they can make. The photo above of the spider and its web was at the back of my car.

Giant Web
This is a giant web at the corner of my house. The sun brought its present to my attention. There is another huge web on the pine tree, but its position didn't yield well in photo.

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Dove Couple

They came to eat in the rain when all other critters were in hiding. Smart choice they made until they noticed a woman behind the window aiming the camera at them.

Feverfew Flowers

Feverfew flowers are blooming in around my house. I transplanted some to the front since they are very hardy and multiplying quite nicely. It grow wildly without much care.

Little hover fly seems to love these feverfew flowers and always buzzing around. Although I know the health benefits of these pretty feverfew, I am not doing anything with them but only enjoying them.

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Joining Our World Tuesday! Registered & Protected

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