Gorgeous Northern Flicker

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gorgeous Bird
My beautiful visitor came back every other day to peck at the same spot. This time I learned to listen to his voice, and quietly came outside with my camera. I set my camera on mute so it wouldn't make a sound, but he sensed my being and gave me the look!

Taking a Good Look
Then he turned his head around to really take a look at me, even though I was hidden behind a wall.  I am telling you, critters can smell me a mile away, and I don't wear perfume or body spray. (Oh shoo..maybe that is the problem :-)

Back to Work
Hunger must have taken over and he was back at work to leave me to my muse. He checked on me occasionally, and when he was done getting what he wanted, he flew away.

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  1. such a lovely shot of the bird!

    happy weekend~

  2. You have obviously made a new handsome friend there.

  3. This is a good series of short encounter between both of you.

  4. "My" flicker has gone MIA since spring. Great to see yours. xo

  5. You've certainly managed to catch him in the 'act'. Great series of images.

  6. Wonderful captures! I've seen Flickers many times but never feeding on the ground. He must have found a great stash of bugs in that crack in the sidewalk. ;-)


  7. Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Such a beautiful mix of colours in the head and tail! Fascinating photos!

  9. I have a woodpecker that has been coming back every Spring for the last 10 years ... pecking away at the chimney cap and driving me crazy. Beautiful bird, but his quest to find breakfast is driving me crazy!

  10. Love these action photos!!! Great bird too.

  11. Love the Flickers, great shots!

  12. Beautiful Flicker busy looking for ants!


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