Pretty Redwinged Blackbird

Friday, May 31, 2013

Pretty Blackbird In the Grass
Redwinged blackbirds take resident in my neighborhood this year in great numbers. They are all over the place, but very hard to catch a photo. They are constantly on the move!

Sing Me a Song
This one was at my feeder, fighting with other birds for a chance to eat. The grackles seemed to be in control most of the time. Redwinged blackbirds and starlings tended to stay away from them.

The Wings Shine
When my feeders ran out of seeds, they strolled the grass and their colors stood out so pretty, especially the wings. Enjoy your weekend...

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  1. I am coming back for the sweet song.

  2. Great shots Icy. We have lots of them at our feeders too!

  3. beautiful shots!

  4. i love these gents and their pretty ladies.

  5. I love redwinged blackbirds ... your shots are lovely. Happy Critter Day!

  6. They are a common sight in the summer months, I do enjoy they splash of colors and their sounds. Wonderful shots!

  7. Great colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Our Blackbirds aren't so colourful but always one of the earliest songsters every morning.

  9. They do have a distinctive, lovely song.

  10. One of my favorites. You got some nice shots.

  11. Such a nice bird! Lovely to see!

  12. Those images are super!! I do love these birds...a lot!!

    Sorry I didn't get around to visiting power due to storms!!

  13. I like the way you caught him singing!


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