Pretty Redwinged Blackbird

Pretty Blackbird In the Grass
Redwinged blackbirds take resident in my neighborhood this year in great numbers. They are all over the place, but very hard to catch a photo. They are constantly on the move!

Beautiful Flowers Tree

Not sure what this tree is called, but spring brings beautiful flowers to the neighborhood where my mom is living. The branches droop down, heavy with pink flowers and sways in the wind.

It doesn't matter what else is going on in the world; trees and flowers still show their glorious awakening after a long sleep of winter.

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Pretty American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow
After the rain, this little copper top came by the feeder for food. He/she doesn't look like other sparrows but vividly stands out with that special marking on his head and by the eyes.

Beautiful Lily Leek Flowers

Lily Leek
Beautiful lily leeks are growing all my yard! They self-seeded themselves wherever there is dirt. They are pretty white and dandy flowers.

They grow in clumps, open during day and close up at night. Lily leeks are very invasive flowers. I don't know if they are considered wild flowers or someone planted them without realizing that they could take over the entire area if not contained.

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Black-Chinned Sparrow and Nest

Perching On High
She was not please with my presence when I came out of the door. She made noises to warn me although she perched way on top. She would not fly away as the bird usually does. So I kept on watching her and talked to her softly.

May Flowers

White Daffodils

May is a good month, and a month of total awaking for nature! Everything comes back to life in their glorious beings. From flowers on the ground, to the tree branches on top! All have come back to affirm new hopes and dreams.

Black-Chinned Sparrow

Black-Chinned Sparrow
We have lot and lot of this sparrow so I finally looked it up and found the name: it's blacked-chinned sparrow! The name is so fitted for him/her.

Wild Weed Flowers

White Violet
Violet flowers are considered as weed, but for me, I cultivated this white violet one in my yard for two years now! I am that crazy woman in the neighborhood, and I just saw some of these beauties in my next door grass. I won't bother to tell him, since he has mowed them off already.

Mosaic of Wild Weed Flowers
There are other weed flowers around such as the creeping myrtle, and creeping charlie..but I am not happy with how they turned out in the photos..Anyway, have a great week!

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White-Throated Sparrow 2013

Hello There
He/she slowly walking toward me while I was weeding. The striking yellow spots on its head caught my attention, and out came the camera. Snap, snap, snap! Click, click, click!

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