Nature Is Waking Up

Grass Is Growing
After a couple days of rain, the grass shoots up, growing in great length. I shot this in the early morning after the rain stopped. Nothing but grass with water drops.

Pretty Junco 2013

Waiting For Seeds
This junco came and stood waiting for me to fill up the feeder! It is not as shy as the sparrow, it didn't mind that I was very nearby.

New Growth

Do You Know What This Is?
Looks interesting isn't it? It's the new growth and I want you to guess. It's not too difficult to tell! I am starting to like photographing things like this and the budding of beets. Sometimes, things just stare at me in the face and begging for a shot or two.

It could be that I was desperate to shoot something, but you can't tell, could you? In any case, if you haven't figure it out yet, it's the budding of a red potato! Pretty cool, don't you think?

Joining Our World Tuesday! Registered & Protected

Birds Behind a Glass Wall

These are two more photos from the Nature Center that I took years back. I wish my memory could be better, but it just skipped me completely.

In any case, I was fascinated watching them behind the glass wall. It was quite a safe and happy environment for them. It sure beat the cage, don't you think?

Linking up with Camera Critters and the Bird D'Pot ! Registered & Protected

Light and Reflection

These birds were behind a glass wall, and the photos were taken long time ago. Back then I paid no attention to background or lighting or reflection. I got excited and just fired my camera, but this photo came out to my liking.

Since my camera couldn't handle zooming in any further, I did what I can with what I have, and that counts. Have a great weekend!

Linking up with Camera Critters and the Bird D'Pot ! Registered & Protected

Birds Are Back In the Yard

Blue-jays seem to be the dominant birds in my neighborhood. Their presence are always known by the loud noises they made, and if I forgot to put out the seeds, they would let me know that too.

In Safe Haven

Update: TexWisGirl has identified this bird as An American Avocet! Thank you!!

I don't know what this bird is called, but I took it at a nature center some long time ago. The photos of this trip was in the shuffle as I don't know how to organize it exactly.

Fire In the Sky and On Earth

Fire In the Sky
The sky carried this dramatic display of colors on Easter Sunday evening! It couldn't be any better! Human was in harmony with plenty of laughter and joy!

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