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Friday, March 01, 2013

Red Is Back
I am noticing a busier activity around my home: cardinals calling, singing, and sighting more frequently now around this berry tree.

Pretty Cardinal
It is so much easier to spot the male cardinal than female as his red color feather is very vivid in the middle of winter. It doesn't matter where he hid, I could still spot him.

Stood Out
He dashes from this branch to that branch trying to attract his female to this plentiful berries. Sometimes, they stop in the same area, but other times they just fly from tree to tree.

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  1. Exciting times, spring is just around the corner.

  2. it's such a pretty and elegant bird love its contrast against those branches

  3. One of my favorite birds!!! Gorgeous images.

  4. I love these guys! The ones in yard have starting singing too!

  5. A lovely time of the year here the birds singing. I am so happy Spring is near. Lovely captures of your Cardinal. Happy weekend!

  6. So beautiful with the berries!

  7. with those red, vividly colored feathers they really must be so easy to spot! I can feel your excitement seeing and hearing them! those berries must be a real treat for those beaks! happy bird spotting on your side of the world :)

  8. I've seen precious few cardinals this year and it distresses me because they are my favorites! Maybe I need different seed...these are lovely photos!


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