Heart In Nature

I saw this heart on the hood of my car one morning, and I was amazed at how the snow forming such a perfect heart. The sparkle of snow around it made it so beautiful to see.

I couldn't believe my eyes, so I tried to find different angle to take pictures. Sure and clear enough, it was definitely a heart. Nature loves me, I guess :-)

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Starling and Possum

Looking For Food
Starling, black bird, and crow are the main birds in my neighborhood during the winter. They were much louder and came in flocks.

Naughty Squirrels

I have mentioned many times before, and that the squirrels in my neighborhood are very very naughty. There is nothing that they won't eat. Caught red-handed, these squirrels chewed through the top of my garbage bin, through the body of the bin, and got inside to find foods. Then they brought the entire neighborhood and beyond over!

I couldn't believe the big hole they chewed through, and the blood stains that they left. The garbage can had a thick layer of plastic, but they managed to chew right through it. I will need to find a new one in spring!

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How to Get Going with Indoor Planting

Getting into the hydroponics business doesn't have to be difficult. Do you know why photography lighting is so important? Do you know where to find the right photo backdrops for capturing your project? If you haven't heard of http://www.thelashop.com, they come highly suggested.

There are tons of different nutrient additives that you can add to your hydroponics set-up to make your plants successful. Happy plants are healthy plants and you can be sure that with the right nutrients, you will be growing a fantastic indoor garden. With the right supplies and the right amount of knowledge, anyone can turn into a super hydroponics grower!

If you want plants that will be grown in stable environment as opposed to outdoors where weather can harm them, try hydroponics! You don’t have to wait for a certain season, you can start growing tonight if you wanted. There is lots of information available online for people to learn about indoor plant growing, and it is continuing to be a growing trend in many communities.

This is very helpful to those cities that dwell in colder areas since crops are harder to grow outdoors. Hydroponics is the answer to most of outside gardening's problems! Having a hydroponics garden is extremely smart if you want to start growing food for your family all year round to save on groceries, as well as for hobby growing! No matter what the plant, with the right grow lights and nutrients you will have a wonderful garden and collection. You can even start a business within your own home with a
 hydroponics set up!

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Hawk 2013

I have been waiting to see a hawk this winter, and finally it flew above my head. Caught by surprise, I barely had enough time to pull out my camera and tried to catch up. The only good photo turned out is the main one.

I do believe it was a hawk! Our sky is still very monotone, but seeing a majestic hawk in the middle of the city was enough to keep my heart pumping.  Have a great weekend!

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Icicles and Beets

After the snow storm last Friday, we had icicles upon icicles all around our house. Since it was freezing wind, the icicles swayed in the direction of the wind, making wonderful looking curves. Are you cold yet by these icicles? Come on inside and I will show you something special that will warm you right up!


This little cutie came waiting for the bird feeder to fill up with seeds, but the birds are rarely able to enjoy the seeds as the squirrels would hog the feeder for themselves.
We had moments of sunshine but sheer cold weather, and seeing little birds were just the right dose of happiness for the day. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Berries and Water Drops

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced.
~Swami Vivekananda

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Gorgeous Cardinal In Winter

Gorgeous Red
My first sighting of this gorgeous red color cardinal in winter was thrilling to say the least.  His color was incredibly amazing to see when all around him was gray! He stood out as a welcome guest in the yard.

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