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Friday, November 02, 2012

Birds Up High
Starlings and pigeons are busy birds who guard their area around many fast food places. They swoop down for crumbs and quickly fly back up to their familiar territory.

Don't Mess With Me
This pigeon is quite mean by the way it looked at human, but it didn't bother the starling that shared its area. It kept an intense watch toward the people in the parking lot. (Probably looking out for wastes of food)!

On Top Of the World
I don't think this was the same starling in the top two photos! This one belonged to another group that took resident in this tree. You know, some times it is fun to watch the birds, especially while waiting for our order.

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  1. They too are keeping a watch on you. :)

  2. Excellent photo ~ nature's gems ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. It is fun to watch all these critters.

    And this makes us smile.

  4. It is fun to watch birds but they are so hard to get close ups of. Yours are great.

  5. A sea gull before snatched my sandwich away, after that, i am so careful eating outside :)

  6. these are great shots of the culprits!

  7. great catch of three pretty birds. congrats! xxo

  8. Nice shots of those birds standing guard on their territory.

  9. cute birds. they are so free, what a life.

  10. I think starlings are gorgeous! Great captures while waiting... :)


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