Baby Pink Bud In My World

Monday, November 12, 2012

We are having a windy and wet Monday here, so the collage you're seeing was taken some times in the past. Which meant summer! We won't have any flower or see colorful sky for the next four months, but with just occasion sun light. It is all good as I am used to it.

The baby pink buds were the pink straw flowers that I grew this past summer. They were easy to grow without much fuss, and stayed blooming for a long time. I had pink, yellow, and white straw flowers. I will have to tap into those photos for the winter.

You don't want to see icicles, do you?



  1. This collage is such a lovely reminder of summer.

  2. That's a tender pink bud and lovely skies!

  3. Lovely presentation of beautiful photos ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  4. It's great to look back over the Summer photos when it's dark and dreary outside. A reminder of what's ahead.

  5. ...that's why I live so far south, no icicles here. Unless it's a fluke of nature. We did have a snow move in about 7-8 years ago...on Christmas EVE no less. But by mid morning on Christmas it was no where to be seen.

    Beautiful collage....AND thanks for the visit.

  6. Zdecydowanie wolę oglądać kwiaty, nawet na tle nie niebieskiego nieba, niż sople lodu. Pozdrawiam.
    I prefer to watch the flowers, even the background is blue sky, than the icicles. Yours.

  7. I do want to see icicles.

    As I have not seen before.

  8. Loveley collage. I don't mind looking at icicles as long as I can stay inside. lol


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