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Many small businesses around my area are family owned, and run locally without a website. They are listed in the yellow page phone book only, which is increasingly rare to see as time go by. If I am not mistaken, every few months I found a thick phone book on my porch, and immediately it went into the recycle bin as I have not flipping through the pages of this type of book for years.

A friend of mine owned a nail business and decided that it is time for her to bring her shop online. I was gladly point her to Yahoo webhosting promo code, Yahoo domain promo code, and Yahoo small business promo code for further investigation.

Eight out of ten people have a smart phone nowadays, and it is much faster, easier to look up a business on the phone than to sift through the pages. It took my friend some convincing moments but she finally caught on with today technology, and she couldn't be happier. Her customers too could now reach her through email, or book an appointment at their convenience.

If you own a small business, is it available online yet? There are potentially hundreds or thousands customers that are looking for your business but can't find you. This is a great time to look at the codes below to save money and join in the internet world.

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